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You can safely leave your Grand Cru on an airplane

Wine bag for a true wine lover

[Bottle Flyer pour Grand Cru]
Bottle Flyer Pool Grand Cru

A high-quality wine carry bag for those who want to carry higher-quality wine safely and securely.

A higher-grade wine bag that emphasizes cushioning, durability, cold insulation, and design.

You can easily carry it by attaching it to a commercially available carry or a suitcase.

In Europe, where there are many cobblestones
Convenient to carry!

Convenient casters are also inconvenient for European cobblestones. .. ..

Therefore, I made it possible to carry 6 bottles.

At airfields, it is possible to attach it to a suitcase and move it easily.

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A highly cushioned partition with a thickness of 1 cm

Your precious Grand Cru,
Protects against impact during transportation.

When not in use, fold it to a thickness of 14 cm. It does not take up extra space for storage.
Comes with a tote bag that is convenient to carry

As checked baggage
For various purposes
3 Way
With memories

Put 6 bottles of wine and
Designed to fit within about 11 kg.
You can check in as checked baggage on an airplane.

Since the partition can be moved flexibly, bottles of various shapes can be placed. In addition, because it has a cold storage bag structure, it is also very useful for BBQ.

Attached to shoulder bags, carry bags, suitcases,

And 3Way bags can be used in any situation.

I want to bring back the memories of my trip together. It is a bag that thinks about such feelings first. Please bring your memories home with you.

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always together,
For travel, BBQ, picnics and parties
  • size
    When using H38cm x W33cm x D27cm
    When folded H38cm x W33cm x D14cm
    Mountable caster width width + thickness <20 cm

  • weight
    Bag body approx. 1.7 kg
    Approximately 11 kg when accommodating 6 750 ml wine bottles

  • Capacity Main bag 17.5 liters External pocket approx. 3.6 liters

  • Material Bag 100% polyester
    Partition and inner bag 100% polyester

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To the functionality so far,
Improved cushioning and durability

Easy to move by attaching to a suitcase or a commercially available carry

Holds 6 750ml bottles with an average diameter of 9cm

Check-in as checked baggage for airplanes with bottles in

Movable partition allows flexible support for bottle shape

Compact when not in use. Design that fits in a suitcase

Can be used as a cooler bag with an ice pack

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