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Can carry 12 bottles of wine etc.

Japan's first cold storage carry bag

Professional specifications with convenient functions as they are!

[Bottle Flyer RPO] Bottle Flyer Pro

I want to take home the bottles I bought after visiting wineries and sake breweries.

A new bag devised from such a feeling.

You can check in your checked baggage on an international flight with the bottle in it.

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Stylish and compact

Make your trip even more

It will deepen your memory.

Easy to move with casters

Even women can carry it so easily that they forget that it contains 12 bottles.

It is designed to fit within the weight limit (usually 23 kg) of free checked baggage on an airplane with 12 pieces in it.

Put it in your suitcase. Let's take it home with memories.

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Bottle Flyer protects your precious bottle.

The highly cushioned partition protects the bottle from impact during transportation.

Even if you put 12 bottles of wine, it is designed to fit within 23 kg, so you can check in as checked baggage on an airplane.

When not in use, fold it to a thickness of 20 cm. It does not take up extra space for storage.
Also fits large suitcases!

As checked baggage
For various purposes
With memories

Holds 12 750ml wine bottles and 4 go bottles, and 9 champagne bottles. There is also an ice pack pocket, so you can remove the partition and use it as a cooler bag on the BBQ!

Unlike packing materials such as cardboard, it is an eco-friendly and stylish bag with a durable design that can be used many times and a design that pursues ease of use.

I want to bring back the memories of my trip together. It is a bag that thinks about such feelings first. Please bring your memories home with you.

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Fine Dink with Bottle Flyer PRO
  • size
    When using H42cm x W40cm x D35cm
    When folded H42cm x W40cm x D20cm
    Height 100 cm when casters are extended

  • weight
    Bag body approx. 5 kg
    Approximately 22 kg when accommodating 12 750 ml wine bottles

  • Capacity Main bag part about 40 liters External pocket part about 6 liters

  • Estimated number of bottles to be stored
    > 12 bottles for 750 ml wine bottles

    > 12 bottles for 4 go bottles
    > 9 bottles for champagne bottles 

  • Material Bag 100% polyester
    Partition and inner bag 100% polyester

Emphasis on functionality

Stylish design

Professional conscious, chic and luxurious design

Holds 12 750 ml bottles and 9 champagne bottles

Designed within the free weight (23Kg) of international checked baggage with 12 pieces

Movable partition allows flexible support for bottle shape

Compact when not in use. Design that fits in a suitcase

Put a cold pack to control the temperature or use it as a normal cooler bag

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