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This is Japan's first cold storage wine bag containing 6 bottles, which was jointly developed by the wine school "L'école du Vin" and Onboard, and can carry Gran Cru with peace of mind.

A wine bag that can safely carry 6 750ml wine bottles and 4 gobos. A 3-way bag that can be used as a carry bag by inserting it into the handle of your carrier or suitcase.

[A discerning design that pursues functionality thoroughly]

  • Luxury design that can be folded compactly ( thickness 14 cm )
  • 1 cm thick internal partition that firmly protects fine wine
  • Even if you put 6 bottles, it is within 11 kg
  • Carry-on design ( within free baggage weight for international flights )
  • You can also put an ice pack in it, and if you remove the partition, you can use it as a cooler bag !
  • Detachable movable partition allows flexible support for various bottle shapes
  • You can easily carry it by attaching it to your carry or suitcase.

[Explanation of attached carry]

[Ultra-compact] Lightweight and compact, it can be folded and carried in a backpack or carrying case. Very convenient for travel, business trips, outdoor activities, etc.

[Stability] It is stable even when used on gravel roads or rough roads with large wheels. It has good elasticity and comes with two rubber ropes and two rubber hooks to firmly fix your luggage.

  • It can be adjusted in 3 steps. It can be used widely from children to adults. Since the height of the handle part can be adjusted, the load when carrying it can be reduced by adjusting the size and weight of the luggage to be loaded.
  • Size: 25 * 48 * 10cm (when stored) / 33.5 * 25 * 96cm (when used) Loading platform size: 25 * 23.5cm Body weight: 2.05 kg / Load capacity: 50 kg
  • Packing size: 44 x 24.5 x 11 cm; 2.24 Kg

Bottle Flyer pour Grand Cru --Wine Folding Carry Cart Set

Sales Tax Included
    • size
      When using H38cm x W33cm x D27cm
      When folded H38cm x W33cm x D14cm
      Mountable caster width width + thickness <20 cm

    • weight
      Bag body approx. 1.7 kg
      Approximately 11 kg when accommodating 6 750 ml wine bottles

    • Capacity Main bag 17.5 liters External pocket approx. 3.6 liters

    • Material bag 100% polyester
      Partition and inner bag 100% polyester

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