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2020.11.20 --This is a Black Friday limited special price set for 2020.11.30.

The number is limited. Please hurry!

A 720ml wine bottle and a carry bag that can easily carry 12 4 go bottles have evolved significantly and are now available!

It is a design that pursues functionality thoroughly.

  • Luxury design that can be folded compactly ( thickness 20 cm )
  • Designed within 23 kg even with 12 pieces ( within free baggage weight for international flights )
  • You can also put an ice pack in it, and if you remove the partition, you can use it as a cooler bag!
  • Detachable movable partition allows flexible support for various bottle shapes

[Black Friday Limited Set of 3] Bottle Flyer PRO

Sales Tax Included
    • size
      When using H42cm x W40cm x D35cm
      When folded H42cm x W40cm x D20cm
      Height 100 cm when casters are extended

    • weight
      Bag body approx. 5 kg
      Approximately 22 kg when accommodating 12 750 ml wine bottles

    • Capacity Main bag 40 liters External pocket approx. 6 liters

    • Estimated number of bottles to be stored
      > 12 bottles for 750 ml wine bottles
      > 12 bottles for 4 go bottles
      > 9 bottles for champagne bottles

    • Material bag 100% polyester
      Partition and inner bag 100% polyester

    • Do not leave it in a wet state as it may cause color transfer.
    • This product does not guarantee the safety of the contents of the bag. Please note that we cannot compensate for the contents in case of damage.
    • It is not waterproof. Do not put water, ice, etc. directly.
    • When depositing on an airplane, please check according to the regulations of each airline.
    • Do not put more than 30kg of contents. There is a possibility of damage.
    • Do not get in the bag or sit down.
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